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The Proposal

On June 8th, 2012, what seems like a normal date night turned out to be one of the most memorable nights of our lives.

Well, both our parents have met and an engagement was already in place. We have discussed and agreed on the date and we were already planning for the said event. However, that little bit of princess in me always dreamt of a proposal where I would bawl my eyes out while saying yes. And fortunately, he knew.

So as per our almost daily routine, we met after work for dinner and he suggested Marche. He hates Marche, so it was kinda weird that he would actually suggest it but I did not think of anything at that time as I was excited looking forward to this awesome mushroom bread that I really love! Haha!

So at Marche while we ate, the poor boy was fidgeting and tensed, he barely spoke and honestly I was almost pissed off but I think he realized it and things soon got back to normal.

We finished dinner and he suggested a movie for Madagascar 3. I rarely like cartoons, but Finding Nemo and Madagascar, I really love. So when we got our seats he gave me a box and said

“Btw, I got you something for our monthsary, sorry I ordered it online, it didn’t make it on time.”

(Anniversary is Feb 2nd, 2006) We don’t usually get gifts for monthsaries so I was darn excited and opened it immediately but really I was wondering why did he choose to give me in the dark before a movie. I opened it and the present was a view master! We were born in the 1980s (His ’87, Hers ’88) era so technically a 90s kid. I had a Barbie view master once and was always on eBay looking for it! I suppressed my excitement and went to play with it and this is what I saw.









I was already bawling but when I put the view master down and turned to where he was sitting, he was holding the ring and I completely lost it, COMPLETELY!

I managed a hug as he asked me to calm down but I was too overwhelmed. I managed to call my mom and cry some more and texted my gfs and cried some more.

The movie then started with a helicopter scene that said ‘Just Hitched!’ and I lost it again, what a freaking coincidence. Obviously I tried my best to watch the movie but I kept stealing glances at my finger, now with a very significant ring.

After the movie, he explained that he initially wanted to do it at Marche but was too nervous and shy to do it in front of so many people. Everything made sense cos this boy is a shy puppy and for him to even attempt it meant a lot to me. He even made a card!


In my opinion (biased), he obviously nailed it. It’s was very typical Faizal to do things out of the norm.

Now that he has ‘put a ring on it’, next comes preparing for the engagement.


Till then,
Mrs F

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The 8 Year Project was founded to document our wedding preparations, where we shared our progress, DIY tips and reviews of vendors. We have since re-launched this blog with an identity of a lifestyle blog, sharing our life's favourites - especially food and travels!


    • Hi Babe,
      Thank you so much! I’m really blessed la.
      Of course you can link us up! Honestly, I’m addicted to your blog! It really is up to date with all that is happening in the ‘wedding world’ ! Can’t wait to see your wedding!!


  1. eleventhoctober

    sorry kaypoh, just bloghopping and this proposal is beautiful!!! congrats dear, though belated haha

  2. i realised that i’ve read this before but never got Liking it. and now I have. Love the proposal, anddd I realised we have the same wedding date! 😉 Linked you up btw. 😉

  3. N.Qaiyimah

    Oh wow…! So very so extremely nice and sweet! I seriously went “Awwwww” aloud upon seeing what was in the viewfinder!

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