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We Bought a Bird Cage!

No we did not.

There’s this joke amongst our international friends that our HDB flats look like bird cages compared to their houses and apartments. Well we kinda agree but a house is still a house. Bird cage or not bird cage.

We finally got our BTO after 1 unsuccessful try. We have already decided prior to any decision that we wanted a house in the Sengkang and Punggol area. Naturally, we were both excited when the Sengkang area opened up.

For our BTO selection, there were 2 areas under our selection. Rivervale Delta and Compassvale Mast. Faizal have no qualms on whichever area we got, myself however I really wanted the Compassvale Mast. I am the biggest scaredy cat in the whole world and I love noise. Compassvale Mast being in the central Sengkang area, the hustle and bustle from Compass Point and the train and bus interchange is really right up my alley. Compared to the ‘serenity’ of Rivervale Delta, with temples surrounding the area and a bus stop and LRT station.

We decided on a 4-room BTO and hoped for the best.

When the letter came with our queue number, we were disappointed again as our queue number was about 200 pax above the available number of units! Naturally, we gave up.

Closer to our selection date, we were told to constantly check the available units before coming down for fear of none. 2 days before our selection date, every unit in Compassvale Mast was taken up even the 5-room BTOs! 1 disappointment after another, the dreaded day of our selection came and we prayed for at least Rivervale Delta to be available.

And it was! The block that we wanted, the floor that we wanted, the unit that we wanted!

Faizal assured me that our unit was by the LRT track and by some small road that it wouldn’t be too quiet for me. I’m such a baby!

So presenting our bird cage!



Rivervale Delta

With that finally out of the way, next came ideas on house decor and renovations. We decided to not take up the flooring and whatever doors it came with. Luckily, both of us have quite the same taste in decor and here are some ideas we are in love with. Think LA apartment/loft living. Monochrome colour palette with accent colours. Hello concrete floor and brick walls!




Obviously, our BTO is nowhere close in size but we both love the idea of an open concept living with minimal furniture. Guys seriously, Pintrest is your best friend for ideas.

We met with our venue co-ordinator for our wedding this past weekend. Thoughts on that soon!

Till then,
Mrs F

*All images from HDB web and Pintrest.

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