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Dream Wedding

Now girls, don’t lie. No matter how modern we get, how lazy we have become, how we want this wedding to be ‘done and over with’, at 1 point in our lives, we would definitely have pictured our dream wedding.

Fairy lights in a picturesque garden setting, a lace embellished wedding gown with the longest train, bouquet of fresh flowers while you stand next to your dashing prince with dapper hair and custom-made leather shoes.

Well, with time I began to understand how much a big dream wedding is going to cost.

After F proposed, the first order was to plan our engagement. Instead, we caught ourselves planning the whole theme of our wedding journey. We are very visual people and we are suckers for well-planned themes accompanied with great collaterals.

We knew from the start that we wanted a combined wedding, so we kept a few things in mind while researching.

1) Not too Feminine

Girls, we have to remember, it is not always about us and our fairytale wedding. This man is going to be standing next to you, you don’t want him to look awkward, drowning in a pool of flowers covered in glitter.

2) Singapore-friendly

There are so many amazing weddings on Pintrest and wedding blogs. But there is a limited number of wedding venues in Singapore. Naturally, a combined Malay wedding amounts up to at least 1000 pax. Holding a hotel banquet for us is definitely out of the question. We try to stay away from void decks only because of space constraints and how public it is. Community Centres are great alternatives but rental is getting so expensive it’s almost the same as a banquet hall. Parks are great but then comes the inevitable mother nature and the cost of tentages.

3) Timeless yet Unique

Every wedding is definitely a timeless affair. There is no better theme or better venue, it literally depends on how you portray it. For us, we definitely want something that we can customize yet affordable and translates well in pictures.

I am part Indonesian and he is Boyanese. We want to try as much to incorporate our cultures yet find a compromise in between.

We decided on a pastel palette and a subtle garden theme as it is quite universal and not too gender specific.

We planned everything from the collaterals, the venue decor, the invites and the outfits.

Thank god for F being a graphic designer, he decides on the typography for any collaterals that we need printed, the paper type, look and feel is all with his eye. I do argue sometimes (most times) but it’s good when you trash things out in the open rather than keeping it to yourself and complain to your girlfriends later.

Thankfully, both us steer towards similar styles and themes. Here are some pictures that we were inspired by for our decor.

burlap curtain1 burlap curtain2

table cloth 2


For obvious reasons we were looking at parks or beach areas for our wedding but again the uncertainty of the weather made us re-consider our options. We don’t really like the look of tentages and how much it will cost to have an outdoor wedding.

After much research on possible venues, we narrowed down to 2 venues- Gurame & Lagun Sari.

Gurame was way above our budget and our choice to customize was minimal. Therefore, we have decided on Lagun Sari!

I know there are some negative reviews and also good reviews on Lagun Sari but we have our reasons and lets just all pray for this to be a good decision.

From the package, we opt to not take the invites, favours and DJ. And because we are customizing so many things, there was additional charge which we didn’t mind. So far, we’ve gone for 2 appointments and paid our deposit. Knowing how anal both F and I are, we are definitely going to be sourcing for some of the things ourselves.

Next, we have a bridal appointment with a new and upcoming bridal. Thoughts on that soon!

Till then,

Mrs F

*Images from Pintrest

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