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Bridal Update & Quick Shout Out!

Firstly, we would like to thank everybody who bothered to check this blog out and even linked us on their own blogs.

Our stats showed over 1000 views and that is pretty cool!

We appreciate the support and if you have a blog or would like to recommend us blogs to read, please leave us a comment cos we’d love to do so.

Special shout out to Kahwin Khronicles and LaBelle Bride for the link up. You guys brought so many viewers here! Much love!

So, if you follow us on our instagram, you would know that we went for our first bridal appointment.

When you sign up with Lagun Sari, they offer a bonus package with a videographer, photography and bridal house of their affiliation. Faizal and I weren’t too keen on those suggested just because we feel like they won’t suit our style or direction.

There were a couple of bridal houses that I was quite interested in after viewing their Facebook profiles, but one name came up one time too many and was recommended to us a whole lot.

None other than,

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

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Ishq by Nora Zee of course!

It was a very laid back discussion without any hard selling or whatsoever. She answered all our enquiries and questions with ease, it really was like 3 friends talking! Our initial plan was to have 2 outfit changes but due to the time constraint, she advised for us to just have a nikah and sanding outfit then change into our suit and gown.

I love the KL designers she is working with and definitely every outfit was almost right up my alley but then she asked if we are open to the idea of customizing our outfits. Unexpectedly, F was more excited than I was. He is a firm believer of quality over quantity. Since we are only changing once, he said that I could go ahead and customize with Ishq while he goes to his usual tailor for his suit. I was almost speechless, I’M SO HAPPY!

Kak Nora told us to think about it again cos she doesn’t want us to regret our decision. She told us to get back to her by December and that she is very excited to hear the good news later. Haha!

I really love her and her working style. My heart is set on Ishq but I shall take her advice and think about it.

Please hop on over to her Facebook and check her out!

Sneak peeks? …




Love this idea of a pastel samping!




As you can tell, we practically have 1 colour palette in our heads. White, off-white, cream. LOL! We just don’t want to clash with the decor basically.

And as for my gown, I love fit & flare and mermaid styles. Not sure how they’ll look on me judging from the size of my hips but we’ll see!

Till then,

Mrs F

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  1. you should totally choose ishq by nora zee!!!

    i seriously don’t know what kak nora is talking about – how can you ever regret choosing someone who gives fantastic and friendly service and offers you the option of customizing your bridal outfit designs? 😛

    • I know right! Other bridal owners confirm would have pushed all their packages on me! She is really lovely. I feel like not looking for any other bridals already. Haha! We spoke about you during our appointment. I said that I decided to make the appointment after you bogged about her. She said “ah kahwin khronicles, one of those yang tukar bridal 3 mths leading to her wedding!” Haha !

      • wtf hahaha what a way to be remembered!

        okay fine kak nora does have a point, go do your research quickly, and if there’s no other bridal companies you love then you know what to dooooo

      • xoizzyfauzy

        What?! NOOOO!! Hahahaha thank you sayang for the compliments on my blog. malu I! LOVE your blog too babe..I tak larat to customize. Hehehehehe

      • You really are! Haha! I give all credits of customization and all these techy stuff to my fiancé. I know nuts about it!

  2. Hello fellow btb! Wah, so exciting to hear and actually preparing for a wedding too huh? Eventhough no doubt there are stress! Haha. Found you via Kahwin Khronicles. I shall link you up, and include in my daily reads. take care lovely!

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