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Video Talk

After spending tons of money on your wedding, you would obviously want the best photography/ videographer in town to document your event.

Faizal and I are big on photos and videos only because they decide how your wedding is translated. Working in the music and fashion industry, both Faizal and I have made countless of decisions on choosing our photographers and videographers for our events and you would think that the decision for our own wedding would be easier.

We know what kind of look and feel we want for our photos/videos but we can’t decide who would translate it best for us.

Video-talk first.

We are currently thinking of:

1) Pre-wed documentary style video

2) Solemnization and Wedding Day Video

3) Vlog-style video on our wedding day

Always better with examples;

Dead Hearts: The Wedding of Victoria and Jason Evigan

This one shot by Lightfield Louis is our inspiration! Love the parts he focused on and how each scene is in-sync with the music.

Diliya + Brent P-wedding| 2011

We have a lot of talented friends and this one by Jib&Hid PhotoCinematography was actually one of the reason we decided on doing a pre-wed video. They sort off opened our eyes that we have such capable videographers in Singapore.

Dzul Fazly & Marsita – Solemnization Ceremony

We obviously have to include our good friend’s wedding video shot by The Project Pixel/Rolling Frames. Although their wedding video is totally amazing, I cried so much watching this video on their solemnization ceremony. Love the background voice of the kadi’s words while the video is playing. Again, love how everything flows and it really makes you relieve the moment all over again.

Rachel & Jeremy’s Wedding

We first met our good friend, Jasper from Vadbibes when he shot our friend’s band’s music videos and gig-documentary style videos. This is his first wedding video I think that he shot. I love his take of the angles and styles of a wedding just because he has a different eye on things. I especially love the time-lapse and how personable the whole video was!

#RSSECRETGARDEN// A Wedding Short Film of Razi Razak & Siti Nurfaizah

Recently, our favourite Home Club person, Razi got married and so far their wedding video by Apparatus, makes it to the top of my list. The perfect marry of pre-wed documentary and event day highlights. Brilliant!

Between Faizal and I, we already have an idea who we are going for. Now for photographers.

Till then,

Mrs F


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