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Photo Talk

This past few weeks, F and I have been busy attending engagements and weddings of our friends. It is really a bride/groom to-be hazard that we want to know the caterer, the decor house and the photo/videographer for the event. Sorry friends! (We do it discreetly of course)

Then also comes the much dreaded over-enthusiastic relatives cum photographers who come to the wedding with the sole aim of blocking everybody’s view. F suggested that we issue media passes and make a media only pit in front of our dais! No can do future hubs, your parents will kill you before I do.

So we found that it is convenient if the photographer and videographer come from the same company. Their technique and editing styles will flow throughout our whole event and everybody loves a cohesive storyboard don’t they?

So far, the one that both of us are really crazy about is The Project Pixel.

Here are some of our favourites.

The Project Pixel 




202781_415523505172010_1519908977_o 664940_443432915714402_1743408117_o

Can I just say tho, how gorgeous is this Indra & Ayuni couple?

Also, we have a bunch of talented people like F’s brother Zaflx, Vadbibes’ Jasper Tan and Hid Selamat who are talented photographers that we are dying to shoot with too.

We really need help with this and would appreciate any recommendations and suggestions!

Congrats to the lovely couple of Kahwin-Khronicles on their wedding and marriage. May you have the most blissful marriage full of joy & love with god’s grace, Amin!

Till then,

Mrs F

*All pics from The Project Pixel’s Facebook.

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  1. If you have a good photographer, they will be politely pushy enough to move the social media obsessed family members out of the way. The photographer you suggested looks wonderful!

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