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Body Prep


Judging from the recent blog posts from the fellow BTB community, it seems like most of us are getting married in a year or 2! Honestly, ever since we got engaged, I was obsessed with losing weight, getting the perfect body and growing out my hair. I tried many ‘express’ ways like taking appetite suppressants and the starvation diet just to get overly depressed and irritated.

After about 2 months and much nagging from F to stop it, I realized that the best way to prep yourself to look the best on your wedding day is to also feel good inside.

First, I changed my eating habits.

I make it a point to have the suggested 3 meals a day in proportion especially breakfast and lunch. Due to work, I tend to only eat dinner at around 8pm or go for supper, which is obviously unhealthy if done always.

I cut out the bulk of my carbo intake (rice, noodles) and replace it with bread or cereal. Which is not a huge problem for me since I don’t fancy rice and noodles at all. For mains, I usually opt for lean meat or fish but at work, when food choices are limited, I try to have at least 1 serving of veggies and fruits every day to help aid digestion.

breakfast-toastspecial-k-red-berries-cereal-detail-prodHow-Make-Really-Good-Fruit-Salad salad

It is also advisable to allow cheat days (DESSERTS!) so that you don’t restrain yourself too much then get angry and throw the diet out of the window. My cheat days are the weekends, just because that’s when I spend most of my time with F and we love cafe hopping! I don’t want restrictions to our dates! 

I am a caffeine addict, my weakness is Starbucks. That’s where I choose to wait for friends or hang out with friends. I can’t help but to order my favourite hazelnut latte each time. (Now that their Xmas drinks are here, it doesn’t help at all!) The milk in coffee, when taken excessively definitely adds up to your weight gain and we wouldn’t want that!

I use to drink 3 cups a day. There are times when I tried to cut down to 1 cup a day, my hands started to tremble! I realize this battle with coffee is something I’m never going to win. I try to cut down to twice a day and it has been going great, hopefully I can survive with 1 cup soon!

Recently, F and I started this cleanse/detox month. Usually mid and end year, where we try to cut out fast food and sugar drinks. Just to let you feel a little better. It really does help that he is willing to do this with me too.

To help cleanse or detox, we drink tea. Just tea with no sugar. We really like the traditional Japanese green tea for this. We have quite acquired tastes and we usually get accustomed to ‘weird’ tasting things fast so the bland taste doesn’t really bother us at all. You just need a little getting use to! This definitely keeps up our metabolism rate.

Here are some of the teas that we drink.

Japanese Green Tea; would recommend this if you prefer the authentic taste.

japanese green tea bags16

Lipton’s Clear Green Tea; would recommend this if you prefer a less ‘dusty’ tea.


Specifically for me, I drink this as an option for a more tasteful tea.

Lipton’s Forest Fruits Tea; a sweeter option without added sugar.


With a better eating habit, I did loose a couple of kilos but without exercise, I will never get the toned body I want.

I am really a lazy ass when it comes to exercise, but I love dancing! Not good at it but I’d appreciate a good beat anytime. I then discovered Zumba. A slightly intense version of dancerxise. There are tons of online zumba lessons and videos on YouTube, all at the comfort of your own home. I set aside about 20 mins every other day to do this. I really do try to, unless I get so tired from work and concuss. Slowly but surely, I see good change in my physique.

At the end of the day, what diet you put yourself on, what insanity exercise you do everyday, it all boils down to how much effort you want to put in. Once, you settle into a routine, it will definitely fall into place. Keep emotionally healthy too. Feeling good on the inside will definitely translate well.

PS: I am no professional dietitian or nutritionist, but just a little sneak peak into what I do to prep myself!

Till then,

Mrs F



  1. N.Qaiyimah

    It’s good that you have someone on this journey with you, especially if he is your significant other! 🙂 You can do it! 🙂

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