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Our FAVOUR-ite Things

Recently, the heated discussion going on between F and I are wedding favours.

We have so many ideas that we cannot settle on 1 or a compromise.

We are definitely making a list on our favourites, factoring costs and availability of course. One thing is definitely for sure, we love the extreme end of things, from way traditional to almost hipster modern. Here’s a sneak peak!

Bunga Rampai

Our favourites from Kasai Sayang – love the modern take and the pastel softness of it.

bunga rampai1

bunga rampai2

bunga rampai3

Reception Favours

All from Pintrest.

Brown Bags – Sweet treats, cookies, popcorn, we love the look of brown bags with personalized stickers or tags that go so well with our whole wedding theme.



Wedding Soundtrack – 10 songs from our wedding for our guests to enjoy. I don’t know about the copyright on this tho :/


Old School Bottles – Ain’t this cute? Again, it goes so well with our wedding theme, besides, they make good collector’s item. Being part Indonesian, I really want Teh Botol Sosro as our favour!


Pouches or Totes – Coming from design backgrounds, both of us will jump on any opportunity to design or customize our own totes or drawstring pouches like this are practical yet memorable.


Something for the Kids too? – Everybody loves a sweet treat and these are especially cute for the little ones attending our wedding.



Another favour that we can’t find a nice picture of is the mini sejadah.

A sejadah is a prayer mat used by Muslims when performing their prayers.


We are aware that we have non-muslim guests but the idea of giving the mini sejadah and the significance behind it really warms our hearts.

Which then came the idea of ordering 2 types of favours which adds on to our cost.

As you can see, with so many things on the internet (especially Pintrest) how are we to decide?

Till then,




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