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As if you guys can’t tell, I am definitely obsessed with Pintrest.

I never knew about a bridal entourage for his and hers existed till I see ideas and photos on Pintrest of those.

Faizal and I are all about the finer details in making a memorable wedding. Not extremely lavish or expensive but small details that matters to us. So we decided to get gifts to officially ask our favourite friends to be part of our humble entourage.

We asked our bridesmaids and groomsmen already but we planned little gifts for them to hype it up!

So last week on Jan 19th 2014, I gathered my girls for brunch to officially ask them.

We decided to try a new cafe for brunch this time. We decided on Butterscotch Cafe. It was a tad too small and cosy for a big group but the food was so good and my fav was the coffee. I had the eskimo latte which basically is a glass of espresso ice cubes which you then pour the milk in to. DELISH! Anyway, I’m digressing.

After brunch, I handed them their gift boxes. All of which contain the same gift with different personalized cards.

We are too over-dramatic for our own good my girls and I, but that’s the reason why I love them to bits.

And for that, I decided to vlog their reaction!

Enjoy the vid!

I got my girls matching dressing gowns for us to wear while getting ready on the wedding day and also for the hen’s night we will be having. I sent them for embroidery at the army’s market and packed in a gift box, ribbon-tied and sealed with a personalized card.





Processed with VSCOcam

4 bridesmaids, 1 maid-of-honour and obviously 1 for the bride!

Faizal is planning his groomsmen’s gifts now.

Till’ then,

Mrs F

PS: stalk our hashtag! #the8yearproject

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The 8 Year Project was founded to document our wedding preparations, where we shared our progress, DIY tips and reviews of vendors. We have since re-launched this blog with an identity of a lifestyle blog, sharing our life's favourites - especially food and travels!


  1. Hello! Been silently stalking blogs, and yours too for some time till I’ve decided to open one too. Hehh. Don’t mind me linking you up! 🙂

    • I ordered them online babe! You can find tons on eBay too. Just have to send for embroidery la. Try to make time to do it, your bridemaids will definitely appreciate it!

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