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Saying Yes to Ishq!

I have been so obsessed with this TLC show, Say Yes to the Dress that I dreamt of wedding gowns last night. That is not good. 

But on a lighter and a happier note, we finally signed with Ishq by Nora Zee last weekend! We’ve been talking alot about her on our blog and during this few months we were still looking around before finally making the commitment. Truth be told, she was always the one we’ve been leaning towards. 

We have decided on the 2 outfits package- 1 nikah outfit that will be carried forward to our 1st sanding as well and a gown & suit for our 2nd sanding. Since our wedding is only a 4-hour event, we really didn’t want to waste time in changing multiple outfits and all that jazz. What’s great about Ishq is that if we don’t find anything suitable for us, we can choose to customize an outfit with her by topping up the additional customization cost, which is definitely a great option to have!

Can’t wait to meet her again around the mid-year for the first selection and also, she is such a joy to speak to wedding or non-wedding topics. I won’t lie, I am obviously the more excited one cos now I can plan my shoes and my jewellery or my flower crown oooooohh excited!

Leaving you with a photo with the lovely Nora herself!



Till then,
Mrs F



  1. liyanahzaffre

    Hi dear… can i ask.. if you dont mind, whats the quotation like… i am thinking of 2 bridal wear and customizing one of it as well… how much was yours?

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