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A Katchelorette Party?

So, cheesy as it may seem, my group of girlfriends came to be the ‘kittykats’. Honest to God, we always ask each other who came up with this kittykat thing and no one ever remembers! Like we would tell our partners that ‘I’m meeting the Kats ‘ or our partners would ask ‘You meeting the Kats tonight?’. So really, it just stuck to us after that.

So this year, besides my wedding at the end of the year, another Kat, Marisa, got married just 2 weekends ago and of course we threw a Katchelorette party for her!

Being the first hen’s night we ever planned, we were seriously too enthusiastic about it. We had meetings and division of tasks and even outfit co-ordination!

Alas, it was a black and gold themed party titled Final Fling Before the Ring

We designed all the collaterals and even an invite that we sent to her (digitally, of course) which stated the time, address and the dress code so she has absolutely no idea!

She came knocking and we surprised her and we all cried cos she cried haha! And she gave us this initial necklaces with out birthstones which made us cry some more!













Obviously 2 cardboard strippers were necessary and we obviously had a programme. So home made pasta lunch first then we had to learn the dance routine to Buttons from PCD and record it but let’s save the awesome dancing to just us haha! Then we got ready and head on to where else but Clarke Quay to do her dares. And out of 9 she managed to complete 8! Which is not bad ya? Haha!

It was truly a fun night and the bride was really a good sport so it worked out perfectly! We are such nice bridesmaids to not ‘torture’ her so much ok. I mean nobody wants the bride to hate the bridesmaids after right?

Last but not least, something for the bride, Kittykats style!


With that, she is now a Mrs!


Makes me so much more excited for mine!

Till then,
Mrs F

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