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Home Stretch

So here we are, at the last 3 months and I am considering changing this blog name to #the8yearPANIC!

Although we have booked and decided on everything we need to do, all the appointments are set for end of September, early October which is barely any time at all till we get married. 

Scheduled for end September are : 

1) Outfts selection with Ishq

2) Food tasting at Lagun Sari 

3) Save the date video shoot with Vadbibes & behind the scenes photo shoot with Hitch’d

Scheduled for early October

1) Printing of cards

2) Sending of cards

3) Save the date video release

4) Decision on favours

And by November, all our balance payments needs to be fulfilled and we will go for a month long hibernation till our wedding day 😉 (I feel so nauseous just talking about it).

Speaking of wedding favours, the reigns have been passed on to Faizal’s parents since they have kindly offered to partly sponsor the gifts. Let me just tell you that this wasn’t our first choice but compromise is key and we need to find a happy medium. 

So, last few months when one of my Kats got married she didn’t have any wedding favours but instead she had official cards from the Singapore Cancer Foundation stating that donations have been made under the names of guests at her wedding  


Don’t tell me that you didn’t feel that pierce of emotion through your heart…?

F and I then decided that this was the route we wanted and we were going to donate the same amount we were spending on the gifts to the Darul Ma’wa Orphanage here in Singapore not because of a good idea but because we wanted to (and Insyallah the wedding and marriage will go smoothly with the berkat of our donation), but also honestly, half the time, no one ever keeps the favours of forks, bowls and spoons which will then go to waste. 

However they explained their concerns that being a traditional family with expectation of elders to live up to and how they would have to explain on the idea behind the donation they would still want to have a small favour to accompany it. Many discussions later, we have decided to let them decide on the type of favours since most of the decisions for the wedding were made by us and we really didn’t want them to be upset at the end of the day. 

On a brighter note, we are very excited about the concept of the video shoot. Jasper’s ideas never fail to amaze us! He recently set up a photo blog with his adorable Korean gf Minji and the content of photos and videos they put up are top notch quality. Do check them out —>

Heres wishing the best of luck to all the bride-to-be(s) preparing for their end year wedding! We can do this!

Till then,
Mrs F

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