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Slightly Concerned Venue

Everyday I keep saying 3 MORE MONTHS, 3 MORE MONTHS! But lets face it, the nearer it gets, the harder it is!

First of all, our beloved venue Lagun Sari.

Out of all the vendors and preparations that we are making, this is what we are most concerned about. When we booked it 1.5 years ago, we’ve read a fair share of good, not great but good reviews. Some of our friends warned us about certain planners and some recommended their planners. Not going to name names yet, but VERY IRRITATING is what we have to say about ours :/

When we booked Lagun Sari, we booked the function room based on the theme of the room. When we saw the 3rd floor Manado room in this modern garden theme and we were sold on it. But when I recently saw a picture of the Manado room on instagram, nothing about that theme belongs to  a freaking garden! We knew Lagun Sari changes their theme from time to time to keep updated, but we were assured by our dear planner that nothing much is going to change within this year and the faux grass dais floor will still be there blalalalal…. No, it wasn’t there.


No point complaining, we looked for solutions and thankfully for my bridesmaids, our DIY decor is still something reachable. When we booked the venue, we didn’t like their table centrepieces or table cloth or the backdrop of the dais and especially the font on their posters haha! So naturally, we were going to put our own spin on it anyway. So them bridesmaids hustled, they hustled ok. We got wine bottles from a friend of a friend who works in a hotel and she was saying how those bottles we always being thrown…yup, they are currently being soaked in on of our bridesmaids house for easy removal of the labels. Accompanying the wine bottles are rustic coasters and a floral arrangement plus some knick-knacks, that within 2 weeks, my bridesmaids have got it under control. Even the table cloths and table runners that we wanted! I mean, dream team HELLO?!


Back to Lagun Sari, we asked what kind of sound system do they have. Since  we are not having a DJ, just an emcee and my brother who is a sound engineer and will play our music off the laptop would only need a PA system and a mixer.

Planner Reply: tak de (literally means don’t have)

What do you mean don’t have?

So I went through the website and lo and behold —> comes with in house pa system AND projector!

Went ahead to send the screenshot to our planner.

Planner Reply: jumpa bila, boleh discuss (meet when, can discuss)

I hate rude people. If you can’t answer simple texts like this, dude…

But, again, we found a back up solution. Thanks to our friends in the events and music industry, if in any case this sound system is not given to us, I just need to book the system 2 weeks prior.

All in all, we got everything on back up in case something unpleasant happens with this venue and we really can’t wait to finally meet this planner in October and settle everything. In this time of panic, we really appreciate all our friends and family who come forward to help us. A great support system is always appreciated.

I shall leave you with a very ghetto photo of us, from when I had a hip-hop theme birthday gathering at my house. Nothing beats dressing up and acting gangsta on your birthday 😉





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  1. Xbilletdoux

    Hey babe, what’s the name of ur planner, if you don’t mind me asking. I’ve booked at lagun sari, hopefully it’s not the same planner as mine! :/

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