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ISHQ was Always Meant to Be!

Such a give away title right?

We went to select our outfits last night and the whole process took like 2.5 hours! We actually got it all settled by the first hour but we just have so many things that we can talk about and side track!

Since they have also moved to a new location which is very spacious with that lovely pedestal, I made myself at home 🙂


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Basically, we had a very strategic process. I am a size 8-10. More to 10 lets be honest. So we agreed that any outfits that I can’t fit in, we won’t see. With that, Kak Nora asked what our preference was and normal questions like what is the look we are going for, will it complement the decor and how our bridal entourage is going to look and we narrowed down. We got the 2 outfits package, and this is our Nikah & Sanding outfit.

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Black and white to keep in suspense still ya? We didn’t go for songket in the end, cos we really fell in love with this particular one. Although when I showed my mom the photo when I got home, she said “hmm….nice….no….songket….?’


Oh mummy.

But she knows what kind of daughter she has and she eventually got around to the idea la. For the wedding gown though, there were a couple of choices that I was interested in but it was a case of maybes. Kak Nora actually told me that, there’s still quite some time to choose, so why not come back in October since she might be having new dresses in.


I’m all about waiting and having choices to validate other choices so we are leaving it to October.

For Faizal’s case, it’s so easy being a man sometimes. He’ll wear a matching colour baju melayu for nikah and sanding, then a suit for the 2nd change. SO EASY!

Leaving you with a sneak peak of what might be my hair piece for the gown change.

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Always a good experience every appointment at ISHQ. We have nothing but praises for them crazy bunch!

Till then,
Mrs F

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