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Eye Spy a Whole Lotta Love!

In this last 2 months of the wedding preparations, it’s true what they say that whatever can go wrong will go wrong and every bit of help, goes a long way.

One thing that we were dreading to do was our dulangs or the wedding gift trays. We were going to re-use our engagement baskets since the theme did not change plus additional wooden trays/ crates for the bigger items. We were planning to have the bridesmaids and groomsmen over to DIY the whole thing together and I can assure you, it will take forever and a day!

That is why there are companies out there who specialize in the decor of gift trays to ease the burden of the soon to be married couples. We did not opt for that route initially for the main reason of saving money. Every little bit that you save from one thing, you will definitely have use for another.

Recently we were being contacted by Eye Spy Love, a company specializing in the decor of gift trays. Ana from Eye Spy Love explained that she was new in the wedding scene but not new to the trade. Previously decorating trays for friends and relatives, she has only recently decided to start her own company.

We are all about helping a buddy out. And if you are sincere about helping us too, I see no reason why we won’t collaborate. With that, Ana has generously offered to sponsor our gift trays for our wedding!

First of all, we obviously went to check her Facebook out.
How Ana works is by Collections which we thought was pretty cool.

She had themes for different collections and they come in a variety of styles. You can check her FB out for more pics but here are some of our faves.

Obviously the garden themed ones;




And if you prefer a cleaner more minimalist look;





Also, can we add that so far Ana has been really accommodating to our requests and responds quickly which we love! To be fair, full review will be given after the wedding so that we would have had the full experience and would be able to support our review better. For now, our initial correspondences looks pretty promising.

If you guys are interested you can contact her though her Facebook


And tell her I sent you!

Till then,
Mrs F



  1. N.Qaiyimah

    Reblogged this on Velvet Pop and commented:
    Here’s to my cousin, for doing something she loves! 🙂
    Facebook: Eye Spy Love
    Gosh, I love the name! 🙂

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