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Pre-Marriage Course

Sorry, I can’t find any relevant puns for the title :/

A couple of weeks ago, we attended our pre-marriage course with APKIM. We initially actually booked with Suchi Success for the 2-days course as recommended by many couples in this blogsphere.

Thankfully for Suchi Success, you only need to make payment 2 weeks prior to your course date, no matter how early you booked.

Something came up on our course date and basically we just did not pay for it and called to cancel.

Then, we decided to just go for a 1-day course. Both our jobs were taking too much of our time with travelling and such. The only establishment that has a 1-day course was APKIM.

The night before the course. we received a text that it is a MUST for all ladies to be in the hijab and for men to dress appropriately. The next day for the course, for the first half of the day it was a one on one session with our ustaz with regards to the religious aspect of the marriage. It wasn’t as intimidating as we thought it would be. The ustaz albeit more mature was very modern with his thinking and he referenced modern day situations and jokes even! Especially when they spoke about the consummate. There were no holds barred with this one. I had to stop the ustaz a couple of times and told him then I will look down while he speak haha!

Then we left for lunch and we had a group session with Ustaz Abdul Mateen. Out of 10 stars, I will give him a 20! He is so unexplainably hilarious I seriously had stitches throughout the whole 3 plus hours. He is pretty young, like late 20s? I guess that’s what made him more relevant to us. The topics were mostly about living together and how to handle problems but the way he delivered it was on point and soooooo funny! However, we noticed that not many couples got his dry humour so basically we were the only ones enjoying ourselves. At the end of the lesson, the Ustaz told us that we looked so happy and always laughing and smiling, I told him that he doesn’t even know how funny he is! Alas, we got our certs!

We went for this course dreading the day just because we know that no one course can prepare you for a marriage. However, we do urge you to come with an open mind and enjoy the course. As much as it was tiring, we learnt alot more about our religion and also ourselves. (Faizal and I are on opposite scales of personality, both ustaz advised us on how to handle each other in times of despair.) And if you guys ever decided to book APKIM, please try to get the day when Ustaz Abdul Mateen is teaching.


Till then,


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