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Music lovers unite!

Fun fact: Faizal and I used to play in the same band. Music has always been part of our lives and this blossoming relationship 🙂

For our wedding, we’ve created an excel spreadsheet of the music we want played on the day. My brother, who will be our DJ for that day, will have to have all the songs bought or downloaded (let’s be honest) and then create the playlist for us.

But recently, we’ve discovered Spotify.

It’s a subscription based music platform where you can stream music from almost every band or singer in the world.

Both Faizal and I pay a monthly subscription of $9.90 and we thoroughly enjoy it!

So we’ve created #the8yearmixtape playlist on Spotify to share our music with you. They say you’ll find out interesting things about a person when you go through their iPod, now you can know more about us 2 😉

We have 30 songs in now and it reminisces the songs we listened growing up and our current jams. If you have Spotify, let us know and we’ll follow!

Spotify: the8yearproject


Till then,

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We just really love it!


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