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Well it happened!

I knew my girls were planning something for me but how they pulled it off is beyond anything I’ve ever imagined.

First of all, I received an invite.


When, the day came, I was suppose to go to the reception with my IC and I would be given the key.


This greeted me when I opened the door!


The room was done up beautifully! Totally brought tears to my eyes (being the emotional person that I am). There were balloons, my favourite silver streamers and fairy lights! This was only the front area!


Inside, was even better! My Kats wearing the bridesmaids robe I got them. There was confetti, cupcakes, punny posters and all the works!


This has got to be the prettiest dinner table I’ve ever seen. They set up the food and even DIY-ed glitter glasses! Please don’t get me started on the cutlery and ‘silverware’.


HAPPINESS IS ME! This was before the REAL party begins.

By REAL, I meant so REAL okay. They did not spare me one bit! We played raunchy games in the room like pictionary and pin-the-P 😉 which is extremely hilarious. But the main event of the night shall be kept a secret, I’m sure you can figure it out but it was so overwhelming, funny and well great dance pal! Haha!



And then, we take it to the streets of Clarke Quay as per tradition for my dares!


You’ll be surprised that the most difficult one to find is collect a business card, I mean really? For the record, I managed an 8/10. Guess which one I didn’t complete besides the business card dare.

All in all, my Kats really have a knack at throwing parties. Every single decor, every single detail is being thought thru and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. FYI, they even brought their own microwave to heat up the food!

The night ended in the hotel room and a big breakfast the next day. Also, the infamous Kittykats frame of kisses!


Taking me one-step closer to the wedding and my marriage! Just a little over a month now!

Till Then,
Mrs F


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