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The First Time

15 more days to the wedding and we just had our first fitting. We are really something, haha!

So, it became a mad house 2 days ago since both Kak Nora and Illah both were in. Fitting amidst all the convos and jokes is really difficult when you keep laughing every 5 minutes especially when you are wearing a corset!

But we always enjoy our time there, it’s like dress up with friends.

So we got to try our nikah/sanding outfits and we love it! There was a slight controversy with my mom since she was so keen on songket but when I showed her the pictures, she was so happy and that makes me happy obviously.



Still keeping the suspense in black and white!

But Faizal has to change his suit size since he is such a lean man -.- and my customized gown is only going to be ready by 16th December, 4 days before the wedding! But, I have faith with the Ishq team and I’m sure it’ll be all good!




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