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Vendors Review: Lagun Sari

Well, No.

First of all, if I do say so myself, our wedding was so blessed and smooth sailing for the most part. Maybe a good 90% as my father-in-law said. We are not one to set such high expectations or to dwell on trivial things but what Lagun Sari did to us, we hope no other couples have to go through it.

First and foremost, here’s a re-cap of our wedding details:-

1) Combined wedding of 1000 pax

2) All-in package: Catering, Decor, Favours

When we first signed with Lagun Sari in 2013 about a year before our wedding, there wasn’t much reviews or bad ones that stood out to us. We were enticed with the all-in package and let’s be honest, an air-conditioned venue is definitely a good thing. They have 3 wedding halls with different themes. If you want a customized theme, there will be a fee imposed which is highly understandable.

We settled on Level 3’s Manado Room, which at the time of signing was a minimalist garden themed room. All white walls with touches of royal purple and our favourite grass carpeted dais with a white park bench and wooden decor touches.

Something like this (off Google) minus the pinks, the winter wonderland flowers and the chairs. But you guys get the idea.

lagun sari

When we saw this room, we knew we just wanted it with no additional decor. We knew DIY was gonna be a strong part of our wedding. We opted for this room with no table centrepieces since we are getting our own flowers. With the signing of the package you are assigned to a wedding planner who you will liaise with throughout your preparations. We sort of when off the bat and met with the planner since he was a family friend. And of course, you are promised the world and the universe when they want you to sign with them.

We chose the 1000 pax Jubilation package at $16,800 inclusive of

– entrance arc

– red carpet

– cutleries

– food tasting for 4 pax

– cupcakes favours

– dummy wedding cake

– rental of gift trays

– dais

– sireh dara

– bunga pahar

– guest book

– prayer room

– wedding invites

– bunga manggar

From this, we only wanted

– entrance arc

– red carpet

– cutleries

– food tasting for 4 pax

– cupcakes favours

– dais

– sireh dara

– bunga pahar

– prayer room

So for the balance that we did not take

– dummy wedding cake

– rental of gift trays

– guest book

– wedding invites

– bunga manggar

Our planner ‘promised’ to substitute it with additional 100pax of food/live station and 100pax of packed food for our guests which sounds pretty good to us. We made a downpayment of $1000 to secure our date.

A few weeks after we decided to cancel the cupcake favours since we found out that they are not cupcakes at all. They are just fruit cakes in a plastic container ala old school which doesn’t really suit with our theme. So for the cancellation of that, our planner will be replacing it with something else.

6 months later we came back to pay our second payment of $2000 which we were issued with a payment voucher as explained by our planner, the official receipt will be mailed to us. Nothing fishy at all.

Annually, Lagun Sari has a lucky draw where all couples will be entitled to win either $10,000 cash towards their wedding, honeymoon in Turkey and also some other cash prize. We received a text from Lagun Sari early 2014 saying that we did not qualify for the lucky draw since we only made a $1000 payment since we signed but from what I know $1000 + $2000 makes $3000?!

Called our planner and he said don’t worry, he is drawing it so it won’t matter. But where did our $2000 go? So we called the office and they spoke to our planner and that’s when all things that could go wrong, went wrong.

When we came down for the food tasting, which was really weird in my opinion since you have to pre-select the dishes and decide on it before trying instead of them letting you try first and then you make your decision. Anyway, food was good, amazing so no complaints.

We then went up to see the venue and all of it changed! No garden no wood nothing that we loved was there. You can read about it here: Slightly Concerned Venue

After which, whenever we asked our planner about the change or why this or that, his favourite reply is “You check contract, all there”

Since we moved on from that, we had to re-do all our DIY decor to match the new theme. All is good.

We had to push our nikah timing from 1pm to 2pm due to the Kadi’s schedule. We booked the place from 1pm – 5pm. But our planner was so ‘accommodating’ he said he will extend the place for us till 6pm. All good.

2 days before the wedding, I went down again to pay the balance of the fee and asked if we could extend to 7pm and PAY for that extension. He said, he’ll check for me and text me to update. Sounds good.

The night of our wedding, Faizal went to drop off the favours that his parents bought, our wine bottle centrepieces and all the decor so that we won’t have to bring everything on the morning of our wedding. That was when he saw this.


Shock horror another mistake. I called my planner and asked him about it. He said ‘sorry cannot extend till 7pm another wedding at 6pm, you must leave by 5pm’

5pm was our second march in. I mean?

So I told him throughout the past month that I’ve been coming down, he did not once told me that there was a wedding right after ours! So I told him that this is not my fault and you have already agree till 6pm initially and our reception time on the card is already set at 3pm-6pm, people are gonna come at 5pm still!

He replied that I’m so sorry please help me, we overbooked blallaalalalalallala…

I feel so sorry for the wedding after ours that our planners messed up but I am so annoyed beyond imagination. The night before I cried buckets and just decided to sleep on it.

The morning of the wedding, my bridesmaids went to have a final check of the hall. They placed the wrong table cloths, there was a karaoke station and a DJ that we did not request for. The DJ scolded Faizal for setting up our laptop station and said that he is scheduled to DJ and there was this huge hoo-hah that I did not want to know about. So in the morning the bridal party and Faizal tore the place apart and re-did/re-arranged the decor. All this time, the planner was not in sight.

Everything was okay or should I say our bridal party managed to handle everything without letting us know of any hiccups but after we came in at 5pm for our second march in, the DJ came over and hijacked the mic and made an announcement that we are all to clear by 530pm. This is the last call for photos and it was MANIC! People started queueing for photos and I swear it was a madhouse.

We felt that it was so rude for him to hijack the mic but instead he should have told one of us or our bridal party who could be easily recognized from their outfits and we will make our own announcement and inform our guests at the tables personally. Everyone was caught off guard and it was just unnecessary. When people came up to take photos with us, we had to apologize that it was such a rush. Our performers and bridal party took turns on the mic to keep asking people to just continue to eat and still come up and take photos. All this while the Lagun Sari staff started cleaning and packing the food.

The families of the couple getting married after us came and saw that we were still inside and they spoke to my in-laws to not worry and just continue with the reception, they came early as advised by their planner to set up. They then shared with us that this venue has been giving them so many problems and did not deliver what they were promised. They did the smart thing of not paying full for their wedding.

We all went to look for our planners but they hid from us. Literally saw my planner while walking and he bolted. VERY professional.

We only got 15pax of the packed rice (from the promised 100) to give away to those who came and did not get to eat.

We did not get the extra 100 pax of food for our buffet.

We had an amazing wedding with all our friends and families until the last hour but can you imagine the next couple whose wedding is already messed up from the beginning.

I am e-mailing Lagun Sari for sure but I’m also really thankful for the people who made it happen and to the very understanding couple after us. Which we pray they had a great wedding despite all the difficulties.

If you are thinking of booking Lagun Sari for your wedding, I am not going to say don’t but instead do take all the necessary precautions of protecting yourself. With every change, have it in black and white unlike us who really trusted our planner’s words and with every payment request for the official receipt.

Feel free to e-mail us to know who our planner was since we really don’t think we should put his name out. And if we can help you with anything else, do let us know.




  1. Ma Shaa Allah, I have intention of doing my wedding reception there because of $$$ as L.agun S.ari is cheaper than D.Pelangi :/ Thanks for sharing dear!!!

    • Hi! This is what we’ve personally experienced and really the $ is very affordable. The food is really amazing but just be careful and have everything in black and white ok? For me the emotional stress was just not worth it.

  2. Oh dear! I literally had so much emotions from just reading this entry. Marah pun ada nak nangis pun ada. I can almost feel you! But I’m glad it’s over for you and you had such great support from your bridal party.

  3. nur

    dear.. can I have your email address pls? would very much like to know the name of this wedding planner. my fiance will be having his side of the majlis at lagunsari so reading this made me really anxious! >_<

  4. I’ve been missing out on so many entries!

    Bummed to read about your grievances with Lagun Sari but be heartened that there are other good memories that you can hold on dearly to… You had a gorgeous and happy wedding, don’t ever doubt that!

    By the way, Lagun Sari’s marketing person emailed me a few days back to ask whether I can help promote their services somehow. Besides the fact that I’ve already heard unfavourable things about their… style, I think this is the ‘killer’ that makes me not want to direct help any business to them ever. Very undeserving.

    • All in all we are really blessed that ultimately we had a great wedding alhamdulillah. I’m just so annoyed at their ‘professionalism’. Its been a month and they have yet to respond to my email. If they can email you I’m sure they are purposely avoiding mine! So sayang cos if not, it’s really a cost effective and not bad venue!

  5. hi babe! it’s umi here hehe hope you still remember me from our red hair dye days. I just read this, and omg! is your planner mr s….. ? went to their open house and almost got my arm twisted into signing up for their package! super cheap but super pushy until i cannot take it.

  6. Haini

    Hi there. I chanced upon ur article when looking for reviews. I am now facing the problem of the decor changed and it is horrific. Do check out the new java room,which is so not conducive for big families. I am so stressed out and feel like crying every single time thinking of the new decor. I have wrote to them and i don’t know what they r going to do. Seems like i’m having the same wedding planner as yours,and we did get stuff in black and white this time but he kinda twisted some of his words already. It seem so horrific now. Thanks for sharing though!

    • Hi Haini, I went to Instagram to see the pics for Java room. I’m so sorry you are experiencing this. What I can suggest is to request for alternatives. For us we requested different dais chairs, the table centre pieces removed, the unnecessary langsir at the back to remove. Whatever we didn’t like we just took it out and found alternatives. It’s gonna be harder work but at least puas hati. You know what I mean? The whole not sticking to their words is really something that a lot of people emailed me for also. I hope it gets better for u!

  7. Que

    Hi, chanced upon ur blog while researching abt Lagun Sari. I intended to make Lagun sari my wedding venue. Lagun Sari has been emailing me asking me to come down for complimentary food tasting with no obligations. U think u could email me ur wedding planner babe? Thanks for sharing babe! Really appreciate it! 🙂

  8. Syiqa

    Hi, im syiqa… i googled for reviews of LG and it reached me here. I already booked with LG but can I know who is your wedding planner? Can email me abt it? Hopee to hear from youu. Thank you…

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