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Vendors Review: Bryan & Victoria

For our wedding, we had a live acoustic performance from 2 of our good friends. Bryan & Victoria plays in a band called The Summer State and they play bars and also special requests like weddings. Every time someone asks me if I know any acoustic performers, they are the 2 that I would recommend.



For our wedding, we had a playlist on Spotify that we wanted them to play some songs from. So we had a mix of some of our selection, 90s boyband, old school love songs and some top 40 hits that Bryan & Victoria usually play. So they played the likes of The Neighbourhood, Taylor Swift, N’sync, Journey… to cater to all our guests.

We received tons of compliments from our guests when they came to the dais to have the photo-taking that the duo is so good and the songs were so relatable/brings back memories. Do e-mail us if you want to hire them for your special day, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

We have a short clip of them playing at our wedding, enjoy!




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