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Vendors Review: Eye Spy Love!

2 months in and we are still talking about our vendors!

Pictures are still being edited as we speak since the venue had such yellow lighting, our photographers are really working on it slowly for better results.

But moving on, we have to thank Ana from Eye Spy Love for the gorgeous gift trays that we had for our wedding.

You can read about our initial experience with her here first 🙂

Firstly, she only took about 1 week to complete all our trays after we dropped off our items. That’s super efficient in our books! Her staying in the North-East area is an added bonus for us!

We initially wanted 10 trays but with her expertise, since some of the trays looked bare due to the smaller items like the rings and watches, she combined them and we had 8 instead. Which looked way better when presented and in photos.

The materials she used for her trays are really off good quality and is very sturdy. The finishing edges were nicely glued and she even added cute little chalkboards for our initials. The only change we did was the initials on the chalkboard since I wanted to have our names instead.

One thing about her trays are the main feature are not glued down to the base. It might be a problem to some, but for us it was easier for transportation purposes. The trays are all kept in one crate and the main features in another. So we didn’t have to have everybody carry and safe guard 1 tray each in hopes to prevent it from toppling in the cars. Instead, we kept everything in our crates, stowed it in the back of the van with our DIY decor and we just had to assemble them again before the nikah. Very practical for us!





We chose the Summer and Timber collection for our trays, you can view more photos on her Facebook here.

She has many other collections to choose from if this rustic look doesn’t match your wedding theme.

We highly recommend Eye Spy Love for her prompt service and respond time. Plus aren’t they just gorgeous!

Facebook: Eye Spy Love



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