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#the8yearpassport: Tokyo Haul!

Since January, we have been in the works for a face lift for this blog. Moving forward from the wedding, this blog will continue as a lifestyle identity where we share our life’s favourites especially our cooking adventures and our travels!

So many exciting things are happening for us this year (including getting our keys for our BTO!) and we want to document every bit of it! What better way to re-launch than with our Tokyo Haul!

As with every holiday, the shopping is inevitable for us.

It will take forever and a day to have everything down in words, so here’s a video with our Tokyo haul!

For reference, we shopped at the ever so famous Shibuya district, Harajuku, Disneyland and Diver City. Also, since coming back from Japan, many have asked us with regards to our itinerary and places of visit. We’ll be happy to share our lists – just e-mail us 🙂



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