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Finally Official!

Technology wasn’t on our side and our wedding photos were delayed. But better late than never especially when the pictures turn out AMAZING! Well to us at least. Major kudos to our photographers Hidayah & Jabir here but please allow us to share our favourites! Decor & DIY knick-knacks





$8 DIY bouquet guys! (Far East Flora & some twine!)


Henna by AdornedSG


Hair & make-up by the maestro Ilah from Ishq (Pearl accessory from Zara)




The most heavenly vanilla cake with lemon curd I’ve ever tasted baked by my dearest friend. DIY cake bunting by yours truly 🙂


Trays sponsored by Eye Spy Love




Yup, I lost it moments before my entrance

I got it from my Mama 😉


My brother giving me away :’)





Our families & entourage = MAJOR LOVE



Our live duo who received many compliments!


And I mean, how cute is she? (DIY bouquet again)


And of course, the people behind the lenses – Hidayah & Jabir


Leaving you with our most favourite, this will definitely be printed for our new home!


Close to 4 months being married but everything is still fairly exciting for the both of us. We’ve been getting a lot of questions with regards to our DIY and entourage outfits. Do email us or I might just make another post on it.




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