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The 8 Year Passport: Batam!

The long holiday Easter weekend was spent at Batam with a couple of our friends.

It was pretty much an impromptu trip for us since we booked it like just a week before! One of our friends was surprised by his gf for his birthday and she decided to ask who could make it and we could!

Usually I would like to book everything but since we were jumping on the bandwagon here I was a bit skeptical of the place, reviews and all that but it turned out pretty amazing.

So we stayed at Batam Waterfront Resort  – Some picture from the web below;



We stayed at the 2 bedroom suite since we had 5 people. 1 room had the king bed with en suite bathroom including tub and the other had 2 single beds which was sufficient. Also our favourite part was the lounge area with a dining table and a balcony. We stayed for 1 night only.

But one thing that threw us off was the Waterfront terminal. There is literally nothing, NADA. Upon arrival, you walk abit to get to immigration and then you exit, thats it. Oh you have a teeny tiny minimart haha!

A shuttle will be waiting for you upon arrival, but the drive was only 5-10 minutes. We reached quite early so we had to wait for our room. But we had bar bites at their bar which was great and then took the shuttle to Nagoya Hill.

We were mostly there to eat at A&W of course and buy groceries for our night in. (Little did we know, the resort had a mini mart!) The journey was about 1 hour but don’t expect any shopping there unless you want to buy fake goods that look really fake.

One thing that is great about any holiday using Rupiah is the conversion rate. We were living like kings okay. Room service all day errday! Main dishes for 5 people amounted to only $50? I mean ok not thhhaaat cheap but there was literally nothing around there so it works out.

The room was great, room service amazing (portion wise too!), pool was even better with bubble jets!

Check out our vlog!



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