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#the8yearkitchen: A Healthier Attempt

I checked my weight the other day and because I am short (155cm), I am borderline unhealthy. Relatively, I eat quite well with the occasional indulgences but every year I will have a healthy detox period that I will try to be conscious of what I eat and actually include work out in my routine.

This is a fuss-free meal that tastes absolutely delicious and also a more filling but healthy choice.  This took like no time to prep since I buy a pre mix pack of veggies only because I can’t find the different leaves that I want individually at my local Cold Storage.  I also added cherry tomatoes for added sweetness! To that, I add 1 chicken breast that I sautéed with olive oil and some seasoning. We are not dousing the whole chicken in oil, we are cooking off the chicken almost dry. I then shred/cut into pieces and mix in with my salad.

I also made my own croutons using old bread and toast off with garlic butter sparingly. 

My favourite salad dressing is the Japanese toasted sesame one. This is heaven on earth, you guys have to try it! For an even healthier choice try balsamic vinaigrette or Italian dressing which is oil based.

And to complete this meal, I drink coconut water. Besides aiding digestion, it’s my alternative to soda and also iced water. I don’t mind water but sometimes I feel like I need a a flavored option. My favourite is VitaCoco which I had in Japan and can’t seem to find it here in Sg. But this one is not bad too!

This whole meal is about 500cal which is what I aim for each meal. I used the app My Fitness Pal to record my food intake daily. I don’t take an extreme diet but I like to prep my meals and know what I am eating. If we eat out, which we rarely do nowadays, I opt for lean meats and less carbo. Sometimes I make a huge batch and refrigerate!



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