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#the8yearkitchen: Ramen Burger

We were staying in one Sunday and had too much time that we decided to try this delectable dish. Following our good friend Gilang’s recipe, whose cooking blog you guys should check out.   


1 pack instant noodles (You can use real ramen but we used what we had)

Chicken patty

1 egg (We used 2, but realized it got too watery)

Cheese to ensemble the burger

Roasted sesame dressing (Your choice of dressing!)

First you need to boil off the noodles as you do.


You’ll then need to mix in all the seasoning.

Add the eggs.

And mix until thoroughly combined. 

Split into 2 portions into smaller bowls lined with cling wrap to set the noodles into the shape of the ‘buns’. We let it set in the fridge for about 40 mins.

Once it sets, grill/fry your meat patty and the ramen buns. 


  Time to assemble!



Add your favourite toppings (we added seaweed and cheese) plus sauce and you’re good to go!






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